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With enough support of the project, even the smallest counts,  the outer cover of the music photography book “Cloud Arrangers” will be possible too – it will look almost like picture I am publishing today.  Meanwhile, I added few more pictures, made in 2018 in the book and colofon is mostly finished. I am preparing myself on a start. Project is online from 6th of September at 12:01 AM till 10th of October 11:59 / Kickstarter.

Thank you for spreading the information about crowdfunding to:

Kickstarter gave me stamp “A project we love”, Austrian music magazine Freistil in September / October number; Danish web magazine Salt Peanuts;  Japanese web magazine  Jazz In Portrait, German jazz magazine Jazzthetik in September – October number, French Jazz Magazine, Slovenian newspaper Delo,   there are really a lot of announcements and spreadings on Facebook, all over the globe, I published two published by Italian Round Midnight JazzRadio;   and Centro d’Arte Padova; on Slovenian Radio Student , on Music Top News site among the news, on  All about jazz , on pages of Slovenian Music Information Centre , in Slovenian web magazine Micna , in Italian Jazz web magazine Jazz Convention ; Slovenian music web magazine Nova Muska, with a link to the project on their first page, recommendation and support of the project, by already in adolescence admired; one of best Italian music photographers Roberto Masotti ; Evan Parker sharing link to promo movie of the project on his FB page; Rob Mazurek ‘s recommendation and sharing link to his FB page; Alexander Hawkins ‘s recommendation and sharing link to his FB page; Stephen Haynes‘s recommendation and sharing link to his FB page, in Belgian magazine Enola,written by Guy Peters; polish jazz venue Pardon To Tu at their Facebook profile and his owner Daniel Radtke; Martyna Markowska head of Programming at Katowice Miasto Ogrodów at her Facebook profile; on Gloss web site; on Cosmopolitan web site; on Centralala page; Druga Godba at their Facebook profile; Bogdan Benigar at his Facebook profile; Musica Sulle Bocche festival at their Facebook profile; Stephen Haynes at his Facebook profile;

Thank you to  many others on Facebook, Instagram and Tweeter, too! Really appreciate it – it is so importan to  spread info about the project.

If anybody wants to  know some more about the book, please write me for press material.

  • Outer sleeve of the book
  • Roberto Masotti / Italy
  • Add published in Freistil, september/2018
  • PJ / Portrait In Jazz / Japan
  • Round Midnight Jazz Radio / Italy
  • Salt Peanuts / Dennmark
  • European Jazz Network
  • Jazz Magazine / France
  • Newsletter
  • Layout 1
  • Knjizevni Listi / Delo, 5.9.2018
  • Radio Student / Globa Luna
  • Centro d'Arte Padova / Italy
  • Kickstarter: A project we love
  • Music Top News
  • Allaboutjazz / USA
  • SIGIC / Slovenia
  • Jazz Convention / Italy
  • Jazz Convention / Italy
  • Micna / Slovenia
  • Nova Muska / Slovenia
  • Evan Parker. / UK
  • Rob Mazurek / USA
  • Alexander Hawkins / UK
  • Stephen Haynes / USA
  • Enola / Belgium
  • Enola and Guy Peters / Belgium
  • Pardon To Tu / Poland
  • Daniel Radtke / Poland
  • Martyna Markowska / Poland
  • GLOSS / Slovenia
  • Cosmopolitan / Slovenia
  • Centralala / Slovenia
  • Musica Sulle Bocche / Sardegna
  • Bogdan Benigar / Slovenia
  • Druga Godba / Slovenia
  • Stephen Haynes / U.S.A.

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