Bookolica 2020

The festival wrote in the announcement:
“Žiga è il più importante fotografo di musica jazz al mondo, attivo dal 1987. Collabora con manifestazioni internazionali e i suoi scatti sono esposti nelle esibizioni di settore più prestigiose. Nel 2019 ha pubblicato “Cloud Arrangers”, libro fotografico sul jazz con le prefazioni di alcuni dei principali jazzisti sulla scena mondiale.”

It is always so nice to return to the island I like so much. On 5th of September, was a guest at Bookolica festival, who was hosting my book Cloud Arrangers. In beautiful Tempio Pausania, one of the oldest towns on the island Sardegna / Italy. That was unfortunately the only presentation of my book this year.  I had a plan to go to many places. I met Jonny Constantino in the autumn 2019 at the Peter Brötzmann’s festival Three days of music in Berlin. After he saw my book, he invited me to the festival Bookolica. In march pandemic hit us. I started being doubtful about realisation of the presentation. Towards to the end of the first wave of the Covid-19, arrived letter from Jonny. He was asking me,  if I am still interested to come. I was not sure what will happen in the beginning of September, but I never stoped believe we gonna make it. I decided to go.

You find Press clipping of the festival here.

  • Piazza Fabrizio De André
  • Piazza Fabrizio De André
  • Bookolica 2020
    Bookolica 2020
  • Piazza Fabrizio De André©Petra Cvelbar, 2020
  • with Jonny Constantino & Fulvio Accogli
  • ©Petra Cvelbar, 2020
  • with Jonny Constantino


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