BiFoto 2020

I was the guest of the BiFoto festival in 2013 for the first time, when I presented photos from my book Jezero / The Lake. In 2020 they invited me again. To contribute one photography for the project “gigantografia”. There were several pictures to choose from but at the end I choose the picture of Giovanni Cugusi. It is the picture from the series of portraits, that I recently started making in Gavoi (at the beginning of March 2020, just when the pandemic started). The project is still on going. I hope, I will be soon able to return to Sardegna and continue with the project. Gigantic photographies and all other exhibitions, were placed all over the Mogoro‘s walls. BiFoto festival was opened on 19th of September 2020. At that time I was already back home with a nice memories on Bookolica festival, where I presented my work.

Pictures showing mounting of my photo were taken by the festival stuff.

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