When I first met Ziga, in Stavanger, Norway, at the Jazz Norway in a Nutshell, some years ago, I soon realized that I had got a new photographic hero. And after that first meeting, I have been following him and his fantastic photos on the internet and on jazz festivals all around Europe, and even in Penang, Malaysia. I  watched him when he worked as festival photographer at  festival in Santa Teresa Di Gallura, Sardinia. And when he has been crawling in front of a loot of different stages, trying to get the best photos. Every time his pictures are so beautiful. We have been at the same concerts, taking photos, but afterwords, when we look at the pictures, it looks that he has been at other and much better concerts than me!
Because his pictures are pure magic!
Jan Granlie, Salt-peanuts.eu

“The camera in his hands, transforms shadow and light from the common place into truly extraordinary human experiences. He is an improviser, a chronicler of life in real time, a poet, a philosopher, a free spirit, a song in anticipation of being sung. These are the very disciplines which are the essence of my musical world.”
Joe McPhee, USA

“You are Maradona of the photography”
Visitor of my exhibition / Gavoi – Sardinia-Italy

“Ziga is a photographer of briliant vision, able to capture the essence of not just the musicians, but the music they are playing. His work extends far beyond the documentation of musical performance and has a rare depth.”
Elliott Sharp, USA

Inventive, out-of-the-box ideas and implementation
Trustworthy, consistent, and reliable
Punctual at each step of the process
Excellent work at a reasonable cost”
Christine Stephan, editor at Jazzthetik – Germany

“Ziga is a very talented photographer and a great person to work with. His work is unique and very creative!”
Johanne Bougie, art director at Montreal jazz festival

“Everything you shoot is darkened gold”
Dennis Gonzales, USA

“My favourite photographer.”
Han Bennink, Holland

“Ziga is one of the best photographers on the planet.”
Anthony Braxton, USA