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Cloud Arrangers

Goal achieved on Kickstarter!

Crowdfunding for book Cloud Arrangers successfully finished!

In the second movie, you can hear Paul Lovens, Hamid Drake, Evan Parker, Ken Vandermark, Kaja Draksler and Mats Gustafsson talking about why this book is important for all of us. Thank you Avram Fefer for letting me use your “Wishful thinking” piece for covering the footage – it fits so well 😉 – and in new version of the book will be pictures made in 2018 too.

If interested to order it, kindly invited to write me:

Thank you for your support!



Giclée prints – photographies printed on archival, non-acid paper, with lastable pigment colors are available in different formats, numbered, inspected and signed by Ziga Koritnik.

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18 years worked as cinematographer at national television, since 2007 as free-lancer / Hotel Photographer. Working with team of skilled light technicians and their basic own lights. Carefully taking care how rooms will be lit. Results we are challenged with, are warm feelings of natural light. We are approaching it with cinematographic way of lighting. We are taking a lot of attention on all desired important elements and final satisfaction of all of us. Working in tight working relationship with client, precisely following their instructions.

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